A Look Into Our Free Weight Loss Programs

Our mission is to help individuals embrace a healthy lifestyle, not just shed weight.  Eating quality foods, that are low in carbohydrates, could be the perfect way to attain your goals.

We have created diet programs for anyone who wants to understand what healthy eating is all about.

The plans have  been optimized for slow to moderate weight loss with daily calorie consumption ranging from 1,500 to 1,700 kcal.

Please be sure to read our disclaimer and and get approval from your doctor before making any modifications to your diet.

Our Diet Programs Include:

  • Ultra Fast Ketogenic meal plans that highlight what to eat and what to avoid for optimal results.
  • Delicious, easy to follow low-carb recipes.
  • Nutrition facts.
  • Shopping lists for each week

Free 14day Diet Plan – Low Primal Carb & Ultra Fast Keto eBook

A low-carb and Ultra Fast Keto meal-plan to kickstart your diet plan. It allows for a small number of natural low carb additives and full-fat dairy.

Free 14day Diet Plan – Low Carb, Paleo & Ultra Fast Keto eBook

This Ultra Fast Keto diet program is dairy-free and the vast majority of the recipes are sweetener-free. Healthy sweeteners are optional for breakfast, lunch and desserts.

Free 14-Day Diet Plan – Vegetarian, Primal & Keto eBook

If you follow a vegetarian lifestyle, this is the meal plan for you. All Recipes are meat-free and the majority of recipes are sweetener-free. Healthy, low-carb sweeteners are optional in desserts and breakfast meals. Note: this diet regime includes dairy and eggs.

Free 14-Day Diet Plan – Low Carb & Ultra Fast Keto eBook for Busy People

This diet plan is ideal for all those with busy schedules. You’ll discover easy to prepare meals that can be made in bulk or in only a couple of minutes. All recipes in this Ultra Fast Keto diet plan are dairy-free and sweetener-free.

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